Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Personal notes on Breastfeeding: Anne Dimond a 14 year journey of making Nursing Bras and serving new moms all over the world!

Personal notes on Breastfeeding: 
Anne Dimond a 14 year journey of making Nursing Bras and serving new moms all over the world!
Congratulations, if you are reading this you want to breastfeed your little one.  Breastfeeding can be a little harder at first, but it really pays off in the long run (kind of like exercise, or a good pair of shoes you wear in).

My personal journey was unique, just as yours is.  Yes we share some highs and lows but the bond between you and your baby is ideal when you can provide them with breastmilk!  Scientifically even 1 drop of breastmilk makes a difference.   Think how many ounces will nourish them more, we encourage long term breastfeeding: at least 6 months if not 1 Year +.

As someone who started this company (2000) long before having children (2004), I was afraid what if breastfeeding was too hard for me/my baby!  What if I couldn't do it?  Lucky for me, my dear friend Claudine had her first baby just a few months before me and said the 2 words that encouraged me more than anything: "Breastfeeding Rocks!" 

 So let me encourage you now!  Try it: "Breastfeeding Rocks!"

My first baby started to wean earlier than I had hoped.  I took a business trip for Bella Materna nursing bra sales in LA when she was 9 months old, I had stored up breastmilk for my husband and mom to give her while I was gone for 3 days.  I pumped and stored while I travelled; but when I returned she had fallen in love with the bottle - "baabaa" (no she couldn't say that at 10 months!).  I did continue to pump, but her breastfeeding quickly declined after that.  Do I wish I had brought her with me, yes, but in all parenting we try our best.
My second child was not what I was expecting either!  The only thing I made sure to do was (besides have some of the best nursing bras in the world from Bella Materna on hand) was to make sure I had the notes on engorgement on hand my book was Pregnancy & the Newborn here is a link to it on Amazon.  That was where I needed guidance, and was the most painful part the first time was engorgement.  I knew if I had the directions on my nightstand, I would get through it better the 2nd time.  It worked!

Some other thoughts I wish someone had told me: 
Keep in mind, after your little one starts solids, they may/will not feed as often.  Your body will naturally adjust to the amount of breastmilk your baby needs.  I say "needs", because it is a natural process for both of you to wean (or all 3 if you had twins...).
Your baby may only feed at night for the rest of the year, or maybe if you are back at work, a few times a day.  This transition can work for both mom and baby,  It is important to realize, if you wean and your breastmilk decreases, it may not increase again if nursing starts back up.   We encourage you to try to breastfeed longer, as this is a unique opportunity in your life!

Don't feel shamed or negative about your work to breastfeed!  Just try your very best!  There are a lot of moms who are not able to, and I know successful people who have been breastfed or not.