Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Help with proper estimation of maternity bra size

Welcome to the world of motherhood!  
This article states some quick notes we have found to help with proper estimation of maternity bra size.

Whether this is your first baby or your sixth baby, there is always something unique each time.  Our bodies seem to change with each, even more reason for added help when finding a maternity bra, nursing bra or maternity clothes.
Properly fitting bras are especially important for pregnant and nursing mothers’ comfort.  8 out of 10 women need help finding the right size.  This is even truer when your body is changing when you are expecting!!  We try to find you the best bra, which you can get the most use of. 
Bella Materna Sexy T-Shirt Nursing BraI usually recommend getting a nursing bra when you are pregnant and cannot fit in your pre-pregnancy bras.  Then you will need another one near the last couple of months.  This bra we hope to fit throughout maternity, and the early months of breastfeeding.  We have many styles with flexible cup size so we can accommodate your changing body needs.
Finding your Maternity Bra & Nursing Bra Size – get out the tape measure and put on the best fitting bra you have!
Maternity Bra notes: Ideally all of your maternity bras has breastfeeding access, so you can wear them again when you have decreased back to this size, and you will have the option to nurse after having the baby.   In our experience for pregnancy, it is best to get your same pre-pregnancy band size and wear it with an extender if one is not already sewn on.  Get it 2 cup sizes larger than your pre-pregnancy cup size.  i.e. If you were a 34D pre-pregnancy we recommend a 34F with an extender.
First, measure under your breasts; parallel to the floor from the front to back, firm but not loose.  The band size is of primary importance for your proper support.   If the band is too loose, the front cannot support you.
Since your cup size is harder to gauge with measures, at about 6 months you will need only 1 cup size increase.  By the last trimester you will need a bra with 2 cup sizes larger than your pre-pregnancy size.   A soft cup, without underwire is a best first nursing bra.  It will flex with your changing body.  Our Anytime collection are best sellers from bras to gowns. See this post on our Bella Materna Blog for more help
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