Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bras are like is different depending on your shape and the brand.
 Have you had THOSE jeans? the ones that could make your dierier look better than usual?  I finally did and was like WOW no wonder they are worth the money!

Good bras are like that - right!?  We aim for comfort -- great support and fab shape with every single maternity or nursing bra...(now i feel like some kind of superwoman - with those magical cuffs.  I find your size...lift and separate!)

Today had a lovely new pregnant customer in the boutique who is 18 weeks along.  She walked out looking marvelous in our Smooth Cup Wire Free Nursing bra 34H! Just right for half way through pregnancy --- with room to grow but great fit now, and again when breastfeeding.  Our plush wide elastic evenly distributes the weight on the band, shifting for high rising pregnant bellies.  

Plush Wide bands are on our Smooth Cup Wire free, Mesh Plunge and all Full Cup Wire free styles.

Spread the word that we like to make the Maternity Bra Shopping experience a happy one!