Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to balance work & family

How to balance work & family

Balancing work and family can be, well, a balancing act. If you give your all to getting ahead, you're cheating their children. If you take time out for your kids, you're cheating your job.
It seems there's never enough time for both, particularly when problems from one spill over into the other.
To help working parents cope with the pressures of their double lives, I offer you some thoughts from my personal experience.

~ Make each a priority work & family.
Family comes first when you're at home, and work comes first when you are at work.  You'll be happier and more productive if you can enjoy your family time when you're at home and concentrate on getting the job done when you're working.
~Get Organized.
A little planning and organization can go a long way in preventing stress, both at home and on the job.  At home, set out clothes the night before and designate specific places to keep baby things organized.  Use the commute to unwind and be ready for home focus.  If you get to stay home with your little ones, I think these rules still apply! 
~ Set realistic work expectations.
Don't overestimate what you can do at work.  if you have to, negotiate more realistic goals and tasks with your supervisor and be prepared to take time off to deal with important family business.
~Teach children to do it themselves. 
Praise and encourage children to learn to do it themselves, time flies, so start in each little baby step.  As they get older it will be easier for them to get dressed, make their own lunches and organize their own backpacks.
~ Follow a daily routine and set ground rules.
You will start to create a routine with your newborn, of course we love them to sleep all night, so read up on how you can create healthy, balanced sleep patterns for you and your loved one.  As they grow up, the routine to breakfast, dress, teeth etc, will help them to keep their balance.  Of course, moderation in everything including moderation, we have to flex and balance each other.
~ Work together with your spouse or partner.
Dividing housework and parenting tasks fairly and offering both practical and emotional support when needed.  Eventually, get the kids to help out with simple household tasks as they grow up.
~Be choosy about your childcare.
Knowing that your child is safe and happy brings peace of mind at work.  In choosing a daycare or preschool, talk to other parents and make site visits.  do the children look happy and engaged?  How do staff members interact with the kids?  Is the center or school safe and clean?
We always posted ads on and interviewed them, but there are other resources if you can share a nanny or want back ground checks: offers a whole range of services as well.
~ Alternate work and play. 
To give your life balance, take holiday breaks and vacations to engage in recreational activities outside of work. 
~ Switch off negative thoughts.
Instead of "I'll never finish that job", think, "I'm home and off-duty from work".
~Develop a relaxing coming-home routine take 5.
Hug the kids, find out about their day, share how you are feeling, change clothes, lay down for 10 mins.  I know it sounds simple, but I find it is so easy to get into a fixed robot like behavior, not stopping to smell the flowers and the baby's head!

These are my personal experiences, and I cannot promise anything other than my words of experience!
Thanks for reading!        

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