Friday, January 18, 2013

{Anne chime in: I wanted to post this to help us all remember to be vigilant!}

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This year's flu season is the worst that our country has seen in decades. Just last week the Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated that it has officially hit epidemic levels. With the outbreak spread throughout the entire country, it is important that we protect ourselves and our family from the virus. 

Children, who have weaker immune systems than adults, are especially at risk with such a widespread virus. {Anne: Pregnant moms too!}

Dr. Philip Tierno, who is also known as Dr. Germ, says that there are ways that our family can lessen the chances of getting the flu. There are many ways that we can protect ourselves and others.

{Anne chime in: always good to be reminded of these measures to inspire us before we get sick or sick again!} 

Flu Fighting Tips for Families  

Arm your family (and caregivers) against the flu by getting the flu vaccine. Even if the cold & flu season didn't affect your family last year, being proactive is still the best offense, as the flu virus will still remain a threat for several months.

Hand-washing is of the utmost importance in fighting the flu. Several studies confirm that routinely washing your hands and avoiding touching your face can greatly reduce your chances of spreading the virus. Be conscious and persistent in hand hygiene, especially if you have young children.

Disinfect all shared surfaces in your home (like the bathroom, living room) with disinfecting spray, such as Lysol, to eliminate the spread of germs that cause infection.

Combat dry winter air and elevated indoor temperatures by increasing your hydrating efforts. It’s no secret that you should keep fluids flowing through your body to remain healthy, but increasing your water intake can serve as an extra line of defense.

Getting outside to exercise may be difficult during harsh winter conditions, but make sure your family is engaged in at least one hour of exercise everyday, even if it is walking,  biking or using elliptical machines, indoors or outside, etc . Take advantage of warm fronts that are trending across the nation or encourage daily activities to ensure everyone is getting their blood pumping at least an hour a day.

Restore your energy and ability to fight the flu with at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night. A lack of sleep can be just as debilitating as stress, so urge your family to refuel their immune systems by getting enough sleep. Shorter days during the winter months are the perfect excuse to push for an earlier bedtime.

{Anne chime in: scientifically we know the virus do not attack until they have enough members to actually have an effective attack!  It is a war for your body!}