Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!  Hope you are having a wonderful time.
Today we put our Original Collection on sale - the beautiful Italian Microfiber items we launched many seasons ago.  These quality goods are so great that they last through many babies!  Take advantage of our year end clearance!  All materials are certified Toxin Free for you and Baby.  Perfect items made with you in mind!
The lounge wear is designed with your whole motherhood transformation in mind.  From our experience, we know that budgets are tight with a new addition to your family (not like we get a raise when we have a baby!).  However, so many moms we speak with, after buying the low price / low quality items - they commit to not suffering with those again.  In the long run, you spend less when you get right quality, and these items on sales are the best deal of the year!

Feel free to call us with any questions!