Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bras 2 Moms

So glad we found this fantastic resource

Bras 2 Moms:  http://bras2moms.wordpress.com/

Bras2Moms exists so that no mom becomes discouraged with or stops breastfeeding because she cannot afford a nursing bra.

As you know anyone who manufactures products, inevitably has some number of items that are not suited for sale, something happened to the poor little item along the way and the company does not want to sell it.  

Well, we make our bras espcially good, so they last extra long (one of our early start-up commitments was to make quality products -- not something that would be short life span / landfill bound). 

Therefore, if an item cannot be sold -- snag here --- stain there --- bra strap issue here - or unforseen thing there....we obviously don't sell it.  It just kills me to think of it going in the landfill unused or short of its life potential even though it is not perfect!  (One quick story; cousin Mindy - who, of course had a bra from our early years said just the other day- "you make these bras too good -- they last so long I can still wear this one and it is great!")

ANYHOW - back to Bras 2 Moms.  So inevitably we have some items that cannot be sold.  We box them up and send them off to Bras 2 Moms.  There they clean them, repair them and give them to moms in need! 

Today I recieved an email from Emily of Bras to Moms - here is a snippit:
Dear Anne!
Thank you so much, I picked up the bras that you mailed. They are wonderful! You really do make some of the most beautiful bras out there, and I would know, I see a lot of bras! A lot of these bras have padded cups which is the only request I ever get, moms like padded cups, so they will be extra appreciated.

One of the moms who came to tonight's fitting left saying "I can't wait to go home and breastfeed!". She was so excited to have nursing bras, she had been having to undress each time she nursed her baby and was so grateful for her new nursing bras!

Thank you for all of your support!


With all this in mind; we have been discussing the possibilty of  starting a donation program at Bella Materna.  The idea is: our customers who have loved their bras, but they are done nursing, done having kiddos....can donate their loved Bella Materna bras and in exchange get $ off toward a new regular Bella Materna bra (without the nursing clips).   We will need to find larger partner organizations and the best place to fill the need (Breastfeeding is still a foreign idea to millions of people!!!).  If you know of any organizations please let me know -- or if you think this is a good idea please give us your input! 

Thanks - Anne of Bella Materna