Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RANTS FROM MOMMYLAND: What's Wrong with Mother's Day in Table Form

How is it that I have been working the mommy angle for more than 10 years now (started this business before 11 years old, oldest child 8 years old, 2nd child 4 years old) ? ANYhow - today I found this blog that is like the TV channel for life at the moment. 
It helps that for whatever reason I can hear her - like i am sitting in the Paramount theater at a comedy show*  *(sigh happy feeling)  this graphic is funny but read the blog - well I will be reading some more: chuckle chuckle. 

RANTS FROM MOMMYLAND: What's Wrong with Mother's Day in Table Form: Here is something else I don't want. I posted the graphic below last week when I introduced the Mother Pucker project , then people star...
Bras are like is different depending on your shape and the brand.
 Have you had THOSE jeans? the ones that could make your dierier look better than usual?  I finally did and was like WOW no wonder they are worth the money!

Good bras are like that - right!?  We aim for comfort -- great support and fab shape with every single maternity or nursing bra...(now i feel like some kind of superwoman - with those magical cuffs.  I find your size...lift and separate!)

Today had a lovely new pregnant customer in the boutique who is 18 weeks along.  She walked out looking marvelous in our Smooth Cup Wire Free Nursing bra 34H! Just right for half way through pregnancy --- with room to grow but great fit now, and again when breastfeeding.  Our plush wide elastic evenly distributes the weight on the band, shifting for high rising pregnant bellies.  

Plush Wide bands are on our Smooth Cup Wire free, Mesh Plunge and all Full Cup Wire free styles.

Spread the word that we like to make the Maternity Bra Shopping experience a happy one! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Had a wonderful customer today looking for a maternity bra, she is 13 weeks and already growing out of her bras.  She loved the new Anytime Padded Bralet.  Still has enough room to grow with her through pregnancy.  We are proud to offer good quality compared to many other options in nursing bras out there.  Jessica said some of the other less expensive bras have already fallen apart, it is worth it for a little better quality so it will last as needed!
Thanks Jessica!  Great start to our day!